About us

Our Purpose


in this Economy, in this Society, on this Planet might sound simple…

to catalyze and accelerate company transformations towards FutureFitness

…but if you want to fully understand its true depth and meaning we invite you to read about our underlying philosophy.

Based on

reason, thorough research, deep analysis, extensive experience,

and wide-reaching exchange of views and opinions,

we so far conclude the following:


There is clear evidence that the continuation of our species’ current economic and social behavior will very soon exhaust our planet’s capacity to sustain and our societies’ capability to nurture us


Change of this behavior is serious, yet possible, starting with awakend individuals and organizations, who comprehend and embrace change as a prerequisite to responding appropriately 


More and more individuals and organizations choose to embark on the transformation journey to cope with the corresponding grand societal challenges


Whole-systems thinking is essential for developing appropriate measures, required to achieve this transformation in a most effective and efficient way


There is highest urgency to accomplish this change


There are promising opportunities for everyone striving for the vision of all species having the possibility of living well within the limits of this planet


Businesses and capital, entrepreneurship and leadership are the most influential factors in this transformation process, with the biggest potential for short-term impact

That said, we strive to build on

  • more than 30 years of science and business application of the The Natural Step Framework for Strategic Sustainability Development (FSSD) and
  • the incorporated socio-ecological sustainability principles, grounded on scientific research initiated and continuously driven by The Natural Step and its Academic, Societal and Business Partners
  • the potential of exponentially growing technological advancements, if used appropriately
  • the development of a corporate vision, based on the above definition of socio-ecological success
  • the application of a back-casting approach from the above to create a strategic pathway towards FutureFitness, and the appropriate organizational transformation management

We label this Discipline ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT

That said, we know from experience that

ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT inevitably requires adapting, developing, and transforming

  • existing business models, process models, organizational structures and the like over time for any organization

We label this Discipline BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT

  • existing values, attitudes and behaviors of the people involved, reflected in their personal, social and leadership competence

We label this Discipline PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT


Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore – ©Edbert M. G. Lim @istock

Our Vision


We envision a world where humanity thrives, without compromising the natural systems it depends on.

To contribute to this, SGA strives to become the Platform of Choice for Individuals and Organizations in the Business World, who share this vision and want to collaborate in achieving it, while and by building a FutureFit existence of their own.

Our Mission


SGA’s daily work, our Mission, in a nutshell, might sound simple…

to “acer” (see A\C\E\R\ process) leaders, decision-makers and influencers towards FutureFitness

…but if you want to fully understand its true depth and meaning we invite you to read the more detailed elaboration of our Mission Statement

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On Awake!

We connect with leaders, decision-makers and influencers to

  • generate awareness and provide rational insight on our global challenges
  • reflect their role and responsibilities in meeting these challenges in their very own interest
  • arouse curiosity for the value behind these challenges, when taking on a systems perspective
  • trigger the recognition for the necessity to transform
On Comprehend!

We enable leaders, decision-makers and influencers to

  • grasp the corresponding science, methodologies and tools for a successful transformation
  • realize the required skills, experiences and motivation to make this transformation happen
On Embrace!

We enthuse leaders, decision-makers and influencers by 

  • behaving sincerely regarding their specific (threats) opportunities when (not) responding
  • connecting their individual and organizational needs with the greater good
  • providing an atmosphere of trust, curiosity, inspiration and joy, both online and offline
  • walking our talk
On Respond!

We accompany leaders, decision-makers and influencers in their transformation process by

  • supplying the required skills, experiences and capacities in the fields of People, Business and Enterprise Development
  • providing effective methodologies and tools, both online and offline
  • building thriving partnerships
  • facilitating beneficial cross-stakeholder collaboration
  • doing anything that is required, in line with our values, to make the transformation happen

With this understanding of our Mission Statement, Sustainable Growth Associates commit to contributing positively to society, environmental stewardship and conservation, clearly beyond the idea of just “doing no harm”, instead creating positive, regenerative impact on People, Planet and Profit.

Our Values


Our PurposeVision, and Mission explain one half of our ability to perform successfully as a Team in a network organization.

Our Five Core Values explain the other…


made tangible through examples of behaviors SGA stands for, such as

  • walking our talk
  • being transparent regarding our core beliefs and intentions
  • embracing diversity
  • communicating openly but honoring privacy and confidentiality
  • separating facts from opinion when arguing


made tangible through examples of behaviors SGA stands for, such as

  • knowing and sharing our purpose
  • contributing to the development of a thriving society within the limits of our planet
  • seeking answers to the question “why” before engaging in an endeavor
  • contemplating other opinions to advance our own
  • creating value



made tangible through examples of behaviors SGA stands for, such as

  • seeking solutions based on reason
  • delivering outstanding quality
  • learning from our mistakes
  • creating value and recognizing the value created by others
  • sharing our knowledge and experience



made tangible through examples of behaviors SGA stands for, such as

  • leaving our comfort zone and encouraging others to do the same
  • inspiring others with both words and behavior
  • moving forward where others hesitate
  • showing confidence even if the odds are not in our favor
  • taking the initiative



made tangible through examples of behaviors SGA stands for, such as

  • standing to our word
  • considering the consequences of our words and actions and taking responsibility for them
  • asking for help before we lose control
  • not blaming others
  • embracing uncertainty


Living Our Five Core Values justifies the TRUST we put in each other and which our business partners can build on.

Our Team


Our Associates need to fulfill a variety of requirements to provide the services we consider essential for catalyzing and accelerating company transformations towards FutureFitness:

  • to think systemically, using and further advancing our shared language to combine and bundle our individual skills and experiences in the most effective and efficient way
  • to act holistically, providing skills and experiences in at least two of our three development practices (Strategy, Operations, Leadership), to successfully unfold an organizations potential for sustainable growth
  • to operate flexibly, adapting individual behavior in an appropriate and responsible way to an organization’s needs as e.g. consultant, trainer, coach, interim manager, etc., while considering the given context

This all builds on top of our professional background in various industries and management functions.

Having said that we are proud to introduce our diverse, international, and constantly growing team.

Dr. Thomas Riegler

Dr. Thomas Riegler

Chairman of the Board

Rüdiger Röhrig

Rüdiger Röhrig

Managing Partner

Edwin Janssen

Edwin Janssen


Dr. Isabell Sprenger

Dr. Isabell Sprenger

Associate Partner

Roland Ehry

Roland Ehry

Associate Partner

Jan-Peter Schacht

Jan-Peter Schacht

Associate Partner

Elze Van Hamelen

Elze Van Hamelen


Antonio Vasconcelos

Antonio Vasconcelos


Gabriele Sorg

Gabriele Sorg


Thomas Wree

Thomas Wree


Thomas van der Molen

Thomas van der Molen


Malcolm Forsyth

Malcolm Forsyth


Our ‘Comets’


One of our credos at SGA is to connect and – considering the rules of the game a.k.a. the Sustainability Principles – unleash the capacities and capabilities across generations. Particularly, we treasure the dedication of young professionals, who want to make a real difference and contribute to building a sustainable future.

At SGA, we call this group our ‘Comets’. For a short period in their career, Comets enter the ‘SGA solar system’ and support us in our quest. In return, we introduce them to systems thinking, educate them on FutureFitness, share with them our professional experience, and help them wherever we can in their personal development.

We are grateful for them working side-by-side with us for some time and their positive contribution to our own development, which is why – with their consent – we want to mention them by names.

Hannah Ziemons

Viktoria von Waldenfels

Julia Amtmann

Anita Schallenberg

Rutuja Lele

Prathiba Devadas

Karolina Chamorro

Daniela De La Torre

Our Organisation


Sustainable Growth Associates GmbH is a certified B Corporation™ (B Corp), committed to providing value to all stakeholders in the context of people, planet and profit. Certified B Corporations™ redefine success in business. Individually, B Corps meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, and aspire to use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems. Collectively, B Corps lead a growing global movement of people using business as a force for good™. It is understood that Sustainable Growth Associates (SGA), as a member of the B Corp global community, is context-driven and purposeful, and creates benefit for all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

Sustainable Growth Associates GmbH also represents the Swedish rooted, non-profit NGO The Natural Step Germany (TNS), which has been at the forefront of sustainable development for more than 30 years now. Based on whole systems thinking, TNS interconnects the various dimensions of the challenge that affects everyone, everywhere. TNS’ science-based framework has been successfully applied in thousands of forward-thinking organizations around the world.

In this role and within its societal context, SGA acts to

  • spread the awareness for the need to change,
  • provide education on systems thinking for successful change, and
  • support initiatives who want to drive change.

SGA conducts these assignments on a non-profit basis or, at our discretion, even pro bono.