Business Development noun

(as defined by SGA)

\ ˈbiz-nəs di-ˈve-ləp-mənt  \

The process of unfolding an enterprise’s full potential with respect to its business model, process performance and structural suitability. Business Development leads to resilient, effective and efficient operations powered by your people.

Typical situations asking for Business Development


Performance of the organization, or particular units, sites or functions remains below expectations


The shared understanding of the company’s core processes is limited


The shared understanding of the company’s core processes is limited, with individuals having to run to fill left gaps


Core processes reflect the structural organization rather than a method of effective and efficient value creation


The difference between ‘functions’ and ‘roles’ is not understood by key stakeholders


Project managers are more seen as caretakers than entrepreneurs, with budgets and timelines not being met


Roles, responsibilities, key tasks, rights and duties are insufficiently clear


The matrix organization doesn’t work with escalation being the daily routine


IT and process landscape are not aligned

Why Business Development is relevant

An enterprise can enjoy sustainable value creation (incl. profits) only if its business model, process model, and organizational structure are aligned – in this order. In VUCAD times, the ability to quickly adapt to a challenging context becomes crucial for the prosperity of any business. This demands an assembly of highly accountable key roles taken on by skilled professionals, who are willing to accept the corresponding accountability, within an appropriate, flexible working environment.


  • Entrepeneurial Engagement 75% 75%
  • Interim Management 100% 100%
  • Coaching 75% 75%
  • Training 50% 50%
  • Consulting 100% 100%

How we unfold you potential

We start by onboarding and educating key stakeholders, reflecting your business model, process model and organizational structure from a system´s perspective. You develop a shared language and understanding of your core processes, their corresponding quality gates, and the key roles who collaborate for success. With your improved process landscape, welcomed by your excited Change Agents, developing agile structural organizations becomes fundamentally easier. Together with our Partners, we also support digitalization of these streamlined operations with proven IT solutions.

This service area allows our Developers to engage with you in the Role that serves you best.

What we offer

SGA provides a recognized and well proven Value Creation Pathway, leading towards an agile, self-organizing, thriving enterprise accelerating towards FutureFitness. This pathway comprises a portfolio of complementary, yet independent development modules. Within this portfolio the A\C\E\R\ green Program establishes the shared language which all other Programs build on.

A\C\E\R\ green is a 2-day event particularly designed for members of an organization active in business model design, core process management and structural organization definition. It enables the participants to recognize the tremendous improvement potential available for value creation and productivity in their organization. It delivers immediate positive results for operational effectiveness and efficiency.


A\C\E\R\ green serves as accelerator for possible consulting and interim management mandates to improve the organization’s short-term top and bottom-line.

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