People Development noun

(as defined by SGA)

\ pē-pəl di-ˈve-ləp-mənt \

The process of unfolding a company’s full potential with respect to its members’ personal, social and leadership competencies. People Development leads to conscious and committed personalities, performing teams and effective leaders

Typical situations asking for People Development


Inneffective communication between functions, teams and individuals


Observable behavior does not reflect neatly posted and aesthetically pleasing corporate values


Water-cooler conversations define the company’s narrative


Rapid growth asks for management and leadership skills to be further developed


High potential individuals challenge the company’s purpose, vision, and strategy, or leave the company, while others stay, watching the clock


Finger-pointing, back-covering, and even back-stabbing may be killing customer focus, passion & productivity


Fear can be felt, both for what may happen and for instigating the needed change


Team building events are fun, but do not really make a change on Monday morning beyond some cool photos in the office


Employees and management appear to be completely detached from each other

Why People Development is relevant

Successful leadership requires Direction, Alignment and Commitment.

Achieving this in VUCAD times becomes less effective and significantly riskier, if limited to conventional leadership and management approaches. Organizations need individuals, who embrace their self-responsibility, uniqueness and interdependencies, while sharing the organization’s values, purpose, vision and mission.


  • Entrepreneurial Engagement 0% 0%
  • Interim Management 0% 0%
  • Coaching 100% 100%
  • Training 100% 100%
  • Consulting 25% 25%

How we unfold your potential

We start preferably on the top management level. It’s the most effective and least expensive way to achieve your goals. Our Leadership Development Program (LDP) aims for conscious, responsible communication and leadership in a systems context. It combines collective and individual training with practical measures. The program cascades top-down, while the participating groups are intensively horizontally and vertically interlinked. The LDP has a strong team building effect with direct link to Operations and Strategy. 

Due to the nature of this service area, our Developers mainly act as Trainers and Coaches.

What we offer

SGA provides a recognized and well proven Leadership Development pathway, leading towards an agile, self-organizing, thriving enterprise accelerating towards FutureFitness. This pathway comprises a portfolio of complementary, yet independent development modules. Within this portfolio the A\C\E\R\ red Program establishes the shared language all other Programs build on.

A\C\E\R\ red is a 3-day event for members at any given organizational level to consciously reflect their behavioral patterns and core values. Based on their extended personal competence, they increase their social competence with proven methodologies for constructive conflict anticipation and resolution and for effective interpersonal communication.


A\C\E\R\ red works both as standalone program for short term fundamental team collaboration improvement as well as being the basis for additional long-term oriented leadership competence development programs.

For more information on our People Development Product Portfolio and Program