Enterprise Development noun

(as defined by SGA)

\ ˈen-tər-ˌprīz di-ˈve-ləp-mənt \

The process of unfolding a company´s full potential with respect to its stakeholders’ mindset, (re)alignment of all its parts, and corresponding strategy development and execution to become fit for the future. Enterprise Development leads to innovative, purpose driven organizations, aligned with the development of a healthy society, planet and economy.

Typical situations asking for Enterprise Development 


Challenges from key stakeholders regarding the company’s purpose, vision and strategy


Increasing importance of sustainability, without a shared understanding, what sustainability truly means, or how to deal with it effectively


Realization that the current crisis is also an opportunity to outpace competition


Uncertainty about the current sustainability profile of products, processes and the organization as a whole


Apparently not aligned sustainability, innovation and strategy initiatives and tools, not providing the expected results


Strategic uncertainty due to the current dynamics within the industry


Increased pressure from various stakeholders regarding the company’s social and environmental behavior


Insufficient clarity on what to digitize, and why, when and how to do this, while disruptive technologies threaten the industry and the company’s very existence


No clear innovation pathway beyond incremental improvements and near horizon two, coupled with increasing challenges to obtain required funds from the capital market

Why Enterprise Development is relevant

Any enterprise depends on the economic context it operates in, which itself depends on the surrounding society, which in turn requires a biosphere to exist. The conditions of these systems have a fundamental impact on any given organization and vice versa – for better or for worse. In VUCAD times, any enterprise must take this into account, in order to foresee the threats and to grasp the opportunities that come along with it – in a nutshell applying systems thinking, which obviously also includes Technology Acceleration.

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©Sustainable Growth Associates

  • Entrepreneurial Engagement 50% 50%
  • Interim Management 50% 50%
  • Coaching 75% 75%
  • Training 75% 75%
  • Consulting 100% 100%

How we unfold your potential

We start by enabling you to discover the full value of sustainability for your enterprise and to embrace the necessary mindset. This comprises, among other things, the education on systems thinking with a crystal clear, science based, measurable definition of socio-ecological success. This empowers you to develop your organization’s specific masterplan for your transformation towards FutureFitness, for which you might want to apply our well proven A\D\V\I\S\E\ process.

Given our systems thinking background, this service area comprises some necessary consulting and training first, before we can support you in any of the other Roles if and as requested.

What we offer

SGA provides a recognized and well proven FutureFitness Pathway, leading towards an agile, self-organizing, thriving enterprise that is fit for the future. This pathway to context-driven, purposeful innovation leadership comprises a portfolio of complementary, yet mostly independent development modules. Within this portfolio the A\C\E\R\ blue program establishes the shared language all other Enterprise Development programs build on.


A\C\E\R\ blue is a customized 1 to 3-day event primarily designed for executives interested in a strategic development of their organization towards FutureFitness. Participants might find this program and the related conclusions challenging. However, most of them will also recognize the tremendous potential it provides for accelerated sustainable growth of their business to the benefit of their stakeholders.

A\C\E\R\ blue serves as an accelerator for optional additional consulting, training and interim management services to improve your organization’s long term top and bottom line.

A\C\E\R\ blue also lays the foundation for SGA’s proven A\D\V\I\S\E\ process and program to design, develop and capture the value of the FutureFitness journey.

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