We Catalyze and Accelerate Company Transformations towards FutureFitness

Strategic Sustainability in Europe

50+ companies from 12 European countries across multiple industries contributed with quantitative and qualitative data

Change is accelerating in every system.

We are living in times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, diversity and disruption – and it’s your job to lead your business within this whirlwind of change. You will probably find yourself in the following statements:

  • Your stakeholders are increasingly more concerned about your impact, but eager to support you for the right cause
  • The markets are either thriving or diving, but technological innovations accelerate anyway
  • (Geo-)political relationships are increasingly tense, but new alliances are forged  
  • Accelerating air, water and soil pollution and decreases in biodiversity are alarming, but masses galvanize for change  
  • Societies are destabilized globally, but collective change for a higher purpose is already evolving


How do you lead and inspire, unfolding your people’s full potential to create value in the midst of these changes?


How do you excel in your current operations and continuously innovate your products and business models?


How do you navigate strategically towards a thriving enterprise that contributes to the well-being of society within the boundaries of the planet?
We are best equipped to help you develop the answers to these fundamental questions.

We are here to pitch in.


We work with


who want to guide their Companies towards FutureFitness


who want their Investments to work in the interest of all Stakeholders


who want to Partner with us to make a real Difference

FutureFitness noun

futurefit, futureproof adjective

(as defined by SGA)


The Condition (quality, state of being) of a Company (Business, Enterprise, Firm, Organization), when the interaction of People, Operations and Strategy result in sustainable Economic Success, without systematically violating the Sustainability Principles of the surrounding Societal and Environmental Systems we depend on, and preferably contributing to the regeneration and future thriving of these systems.

Who we are

We are a network organization of high-profile business professionals and a certified B Corp. We have specialized in catalyzing and accelerating business transformations towards FutureFitness

SGA Logo claim and slogan

We think systemically,
by fully integrating Strategic Sustainable Development  into our business services.

We act holistically,
by collaborating with you in the three interdependent development practices in the fields of Strategy, Operations, and Leadership.

We operate flexibly,
by taking on the best suited role for you as consultants, trainers, coaches, interim managers or entrepreneurs.

We call ourselves Developers,
partnering with you to unfold and utilize your organization’s full potential.

Our change process for transformation consists of four iterative steps


Step 1

The moment we recognize that something needs our immediate attention, triggered by something external or internal indicating that change is required and urgent.


Step 2

The process during which we obtain the necessary rational insight, build the required understanding and develop the relevant competence, which is essential to take action.


Step 3

The critical experience that makes us truly commit to change and sparks a deep motivation to take purposeful individual and collective action to do something about it.


Step 4

The first step of many, driving positive change towards an inspiring and thriving enterprise that sets an example in and for the world about what really counts to be successful.

Achieve FutureFitness through our three complementary and interdependent Development Practices

People Development


Help your people become more conscious and committed personalities, build high-performing teams and develop effective leaders by unfolding your company’s full potential with respect to its people’s personal, social and leadership competencies.

Initial Leadership Change Trigger

Program ACER red

Business Development


Make your operations more resilient, effective and efficient by unfolding your company’s full potential with respect to its business model, process performance and structural suitability.

Initial Operations Change Trigger

Program ACER green

Enterprise Development


Build an innovative, purpose-driven organization, aligned with the development of a healthy society, planet and economy. by unfolding your company’s full potential with respect to its stakeholders’ mindset, (re)alignment of all its parts, and corresponding strategy development and execution to become fit for the future.

Initial Strategy Change Trigger

Program ACER blue

The Holistic Perspective

A systemic overview of your Strengths & Weaknesses, Assets & Liabilities, and Opportunities & Threats.

Explore your organization through the lens of each of the three Development Practice and identify how your company will benefit from transforming towards FutureFitness.

Who we have worked with

Over the years we have worked with with a large variety of clients to successfully develop their people, operations and strategy.
Below is a selection of companies we have worked with.

What others have to say about us

“In times of unprecedented ecological, socio-political and economic challenges, companies have to find their direction. To do this, they need partners who set impulses, who are committed to the success of the company as if it were their own and always interact with employees at eye level. Only in this way can necessary changes in the company not only be initiated but also implemented. In SGA we find exactly the support we are looking for. Creative thinkers are at work here, but also those who are committed to their convictions, who support us in overcoming our operational and strategic challenges on the basis of their own aspirations.”

Oliver Henle

Managing Director / CFO SieMatic Möbelwerke GmbH & Co. KG

“We used a change in top management to develop a new spirit in our management team. SGA has made a significant contribution to the fact that we have developed into a well-coordinated and committed management team with a clear focus that has overcome old divisions. We have become acquainted with methods and tools and trained them together, which help us again and again in our daily leadership work to openly tackle new challenges and thus successfully cope with growth. The result is outstanding and is perceived throughout the company.

For us, SGA is an excellent cooperation partner whose experience and foresight we are happy to draw on again, especially in areas such as personnel and team development and sustainability.”

Peter Schneidewind

Managing Director / CEO RENA Technologies GmbH

“In my search for support in the further development of our company, colleagues and good friends independently recommended SGA to me. This is how we began working with people who not only opened up new perspectives for us but also enabled us to develop them. We still feel the deep effect of PSK1 (ACERred, ed. SGA) in our daily dealings with each other.

The program for optimizing our core processes and developing a common understanding of roles (ACERgreen, ed. SGA) has completely changed our world and our thinking in a very short time. As a result, we have developed a new collaborative language, clarity and focus that we did not have before. With outstanding professional competence, an impressive inner attitude and an inspiring appearance, SGA has laid the decisive foundation for this.

We see SGA as a partner whom we will be happy to fall back on in the future as part of our further development in order to permanently anchor and further develop the newly defined principles of self-organization and personal responsibility in our company.”

Klaus Preiser

Managing Director / badenovaWÄRMEPLUS GmbH & Co. KG

“I am impressed by the uniqueness of the SGA approach: the broad and profound sustainability expertise, coupled with enthusiastic communication and feasibility in strategic, operational and corporate cultural implementation.

I have never seen anything comparable in the industry before.”

Dr. Stephan Weng

Managing Director / CEO Preh GmbH, formerly CEO Magna Getrag

Jean-Claude Pierre

“I worked with SGA in my CEO capacity at Scott Bader, a multi-national chemical firm. Within 18 months the SGA team not only brought a very sharp external eye on what we were doing, but deployed a very robust methodology, brought us out of our comfort zone by challenging our worldviews and ambitions, helped us focus on material unsustainable practices we had, and maybe above all, created the conditions to foster the required alignment of the organization towards a shared and meaningful purpose.”

Jean-Claude Pierre

board member MOF Technologies

Our wider Experience Base 

SGA is a licensed member and the official German representative of the global The Natural Step network.

As such, we build upon 30 years of rigorous scientific research and publications as well as the practical development and application of methods and tools for Strategic Sustainable Development and innovation in business and other type organizations.In practice, this means we know what does and doesn’t work and are always able to introduce you to inspiring and relevant examples from organizations around the world working towards FutureFitness. Below is a selection of companies who have worked with The Natural Step.

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