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FutureFitness noun

futurefit, futureproof adjective

(as defined by SGA)


The Condition (quality, state of being) of a Company*, when the interaction of People, Operations and Strategy result in sustainable Economic Success, without systematically violating the Sustainability Principles of the surrounding Societal and Environmental Systems we depend on, and preferably contributing to the regeneration and future thriving of these systems.

Who we are

We are a network organization of high-profile business professionals and a certified B-Corp. We are specialized in catalyzing and accelerating the transformation process of organizations towards FutureFitness.

We think systemically,
by fully integrating Strategic Sustainable Development  into our business services.

We act holistically,
by collaborating with you in the three interdependent development practices in the fields of Strategy, Operations, and Leadership.

We operate flexibly,
by taking on the best suited role for you as consultants, trainers, coaches, interim managers and/or entrepreneurs.

We call ourselves Developers, partnering with you to unfold and utilize your organization’s full potential.

How we see change and transformation happen

(the process of change as understood and considered by SGA)

We like to invite you to briefly take a neutral perspective on the subject of individual and organizational change and transformation, trusting that the following resonates with you. Building on our long-term experience in working with organizations, we derived, among others, our A\C\E\R\ Process, an SGA acronym describing the generic process an entity needs to walk through for change to happen and a possible transformation to start. A\C\E\R\ stands for Awake!, Comprehend!, Embrace! and Respond!.

AWAKE! The moment when we recognize that something needs our immediate attention

To awake requires a strong external or internal trigger indicating that change is required. Motivators at the individual level can be an incomparable experience, a groundbreaking insight, and/or a discussion on fundamentals with someone we highly respect. All these can spark a strong desire for change. As individuals, we recognize that something is going on that asks for our immediate attention. We AWAKE!, which is anything but a matter of course.

COMPREHEND! The process during which we build the competence that is required to take action

To comprehend requires awakening and awareness. Now we want to build understanding. We strive to gather information, share views and analyze data. Ideally, we thoroughly understand why things happen as they do, what is happening, and how it will probably change our lives. We develop an individual sensitivity to possible solutions. Facts that are revealed during this process are not always to our liking, so we may deepen our problem awareness as well. In any case, comprehension usually results in an individual intention to take action. We COMPREHEND! the need for change.

EMBRACE! The moment when we experience the critical emotion(s) to commit to change

To embrace requires awakening and comprehension. As a species, we seek purpose and meaning; in other words, a deeper sense of our being. After having found answers to questions like “Why is this happening now?”, “What does it mean for us (as a society, organization, group of people, family, etc.)?”, “What are the consequences for me personally?”, “How will the world (society as a whole, my environment, my organization, etc.) react in the near future?”, and “Who will take action?”, to embrace requires (individual) motivation. Ultimately, we EMBRACE! the need for change and are ready to do something about it.

RESPOND! The process we initiate to take the first of many steps towards positive change

To respond requires awakening, comprehending and embracing the need for change. As individuals, we no longer want to stand on the side-lines. We are not willing to wait for others to (re)act and/or to start to drive change. We already have the vision of an organization that no longer fears competition. We envision a future developing towards an inspiring, thriving enterprise. We want to set an example, right now! Action is what really counts, not the intention. In essence, to RESPOND! means to take the first of many steps towards positive change and transformation.

The A\C\E\R\ process: Awake! Comprehend! Embrace! Respond!
© Sustainable Growth Associates GmbH

Our Three Development Practices below build on this concept, all kick-started with their own specific A\C\E\R\ program. These programs help to catalyze the transformation process towards FutureFitness, with the further acceleration being guaranteed through corresponding off-line and on-line follow up solutions.

What we offer

Welcoming the idea of change and transformation towards FutureFitness is not only about getting an answer to the question why to change?”, but also the questions what to change?”, and how to change it?”.

To achieve FutureFitness, only Systems Thinking will lead to the answers to these fundamental questions. This viewpoint discloses the essential risks and opportunities that otherwise might remain hidden.

It also asks for Holistic Action, to reveal an organization’s potential to move towards FutureFitness.

Building on both, SGA provides Three Complementary and Interdependent Development Practices, namely

Nested circles environment, society, economy; propeller people, business, enterprise
© Sustainable Growth Associates GmbH

Your current situation will determine with which practice to start with, e.g. your present capabilities, capacities, and needs while considering the context you are operating in. No matter your priorities, each development practice incorporates the features of any of the other two, if and as required.

Consequently, SGA Developers may work as consultants, trainers, coaches, facilitators, interim managers and/or entrepreneurs.

The appropriate role depends on the mandate, with a focus on creating lasting optimal value for your organization and all its stakeholders.

The Leadership


People Development


(as defined by SGA)

\ pē-pəl di-ˈve-ləp-mənt \

The process of unfolding a company’s full potential with respect to its members’ personal, social and leadership competencies.

People Development leads to conscious and committed personalities, performing teams and effective leaders.

Initial Leadership Change Trigger Program

A\C\E\R\ red

The Operations


Business Development


(as defined by SGA)

\ˈbiz-nəs di-ˈve-ləp-mənt \

The process of unfolding a company’s full potential with respect to its business model, process performance and structural suitability.

Business Development leads to resilient, effective and efficient operations powered by your people.

Initial Operations Change Trigger Program

A\C\E\R\ green

The Strategy


Enterprise Development


(as defined by SGA)

\ˈen-tər-ˌprīz di-ˈve-ləp-mənt \

The process of unfolding a company’s full potential with respect to its stakeholders’ mindset, (re)alignment of all its parts, and corresponding strategy development and execution to become fit for the future.

Enterprise Development leads to innovative, purpose-driven organizations, aligned with the development of a healthy society, planet and economy.

Initial Strategy Change Trigger Program 

A\C\E\R\ blue

The Holistic Perspective

You might be satisfied with how your company is currently performing. Your strategy is in place, operations are running smoothly and overall, your most relevant stakeholders are happy with the present situation. However, you still sense this feeling of alertness. While you’re not so much afraid of the threats of these VUCAD times, you still don’t see how your organization could benefit or how a higher purpose could serve all your stakeholders. Then our 

A\C\E\R\ white

program will provide you with the necessary orientation to identify the crucial next steps in your organization’s development.

Who we have worked with

Over the years we have served and collaborated with various clients to develop people, operations and strategies. Below is a selection of companies, we have worked with.

What others say about us

“In times of unprecedented ecological, socio-political and economic challenges, companies have to find their direction. To do this, they need partners who set impulses, who are committed to the success of the company as if it were their own and always interact with employees at eye level. Only in this way can necessary changes in the company not only be initiated but also implemented. In SGA we find exactly the support we are looking for. Creative thinkers are at work here, but also those who are committed to their convictions, who support us in overcoming our operational and strategic challenges on the basis of their own aspirations.”

Oliver Henle

Managing Director / CFO SieMatic Möbelwerke GmbH & Co. KG

“We used a change in top management to develop a new spirit in our management team. SGA has made a significant contribution to the fact that we have developed into a well-coordinated and committed management team with a clear focus that has overcome old divisions. We have become acquainted with methods and tools and trained them together, which help us again and again in our daily leadership work to openly tackle new challenges and thus successfully cope with growth. The result is outstanding and is perceived throughout the company.

For us, SGA is an excellent cooperation partner whose experience and foresight we are happy to draw on again, especially in areas such as personnel and team development and sustainability.”

Peter Schneidewind

Managing Director / CEO RENA Technologies GmbH

“In my search for support in the further development of our company, colleagues and good friends independently recommended SGA to me. This is how we began working with people who not only opened up new perspectives for us but also enabled us to develop them. We still feel the deep effect of PSK1 (A\C\E\R\red, ed. SGA) in our daily dealings with each other.

The program for optimizing our core processes and developing a common understanding of roles (A\C\E\R\green, ed. SGA) has completely changed our world and our thinking in a very short time. As a result, we have developed a new collaborative language, clarity and focus that we did not have before. With outstanding professional competence, an impressive inner attitude and an inspiring appearance, SGA has laid the decisive foundation for this.

We see SGA as a partner whom we will be happy to fall back on in the future as part of our further development in order to permanently anchor and further develop the newly defined principles of self-organization and personal responsibility in our company.”

Klaus Preiser

Managing Director / badenovaWÄRMEPLUS GmbH & Co. KG

“I am impressed by the uniqueness of the SGA approach: the broad and profound sustainability expertise, coupled with enthusiastic communication and feasibility in strategic, operational and corporate cultural implementation.

I have never seen anything comparable in the industry before.”

Dr. Stephan Weng

Managing Director / COO BCS Automotive Interface Solutions GmbH, formerly CEO Magna Getrag

Our wider experience base

As a licensed member of the global The Natural Step office network, our experience goes beyond our own direct invoice relationships. We build upon 30 years of rigorous scientific research and publications and upon practical development and application of our methods and tools in business. In practice, this means we know what works and what is less effective when applying Strategic Sustainable Development and innovation. We have access to, and are familiar with, hundreds of examples in business around the world, which will enrich and accelerate your journey towards FutureFitness.

Below is a selection of companies who have worked with The Natural Step, its approach, methodologies and tools, at different levels of engagement and depth. 

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