SGA Mission Statement

Sustainable Growth Associates is committed to contribute to positive economic, social and environmental development, going far beyond the idea of just “doing no harm”, instead creating resilience and regenerative impact for the benefit of People, Planet and Profit.

Based on

reason, thorough research, deep analysis, extensive experience,

and wide-reaching exchange of views and opinions,

we so far conclude the following:


There is clear evidence that the continuation of our species’ current economic and social behavior will very soon exhaust our planet’s capacity to sustain and our societies’ capability to nurture us


Change of this behavior is serious, yet possible, starting with awakend individuals and organizations, who comprehend and embrace change as a prerequisite to responding appropriately 


More and more individuals and organizations choose to embark on the transformation journey to cope with the corresponding grand societal challenges


Whole-systems thinking is essential for developing appropriate measures, required to achieve this transformation in the most effective and efficient way


There is highest urgency to accomplish this change


There are promising opportunities for everyone striving for the vision of all species having the possibility of living well within the limits of this planet


Businesses and capital, entrepreneurship and leadership are the most influential factors in this transformation process, with the biggest potential for short-term impact

Therefore, we focus our daily work on our Mission to A\C\E\R\ 
leaders, decision-makers and influencers towards FutureFitness.

In other words…


We connect with them to

  • generate awareness and provide rational insight into our global challenges
  • reflect their role and responsibilities in meeting these challenges
  • arouse curiosity for the value behind these challenges from a systems perspective
  • trigger the recognition of the necessity to transform


We enable them to

  • grasp the corresponding science, methodologies and tools for a successful transformation
  • realize the required skills, experiences and motivation to make this transformation happen


      We enthuse them by 

      • behaving sincerely regarding their specific (threats) opportunities when (not) responding
      • connecting their individual and organizational needs with the greater good
      • providing an atmosphere of trust, curiosity, inspiration and joy, both online and offline
      • walking our talk


      We accompany them in their transformation process by

      • supplying the required skills, experiences and capacities in the fields of People, Business and Enterprise Development
      • providing effective methodologies and tools, both online and offline
      • building thriving partnerships
      • facilitating beneficial cross-stakeholder collaboration
      • doing anything that is required, in line with our values, to make the transformation happen