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About Sawsan

Sawsan Bellaj is a renowned Author, Speaker and Leadership Coach.

Drawing on her experience teaching at the University, she has stepped out as an Entrepreneur, consulting and organizing workshops for a wide variety of experts and international organizations. She is regularly booked as a Keynote Speaker at Leadership conferences and empowerment events.Sawsan is the Founder of the Edtech Startup Etakwin LMS which creates and sells online courses.

She is a dynamic speaker and sought-after international trainer who has an innate ability to intimately connect and engage her audiences, heightening their self-awareness and quest for fulfillment.She leverages her experiences as an international Speaker and thought leader with thousands of followers on social media to inspire her audience and empower them with the tools and proven strategies they need to change.

Her goal is simple: To send her audience back into the world with actionable tools, confidence, and the power to fully step into the leaders, collaborators, changemakers, and communicators their company strives to create.Her speaking topics Leadership and change, are inspirational, story-driven, backed with science and usually customized to include objectives and specific types of transformational change requested by client organizations.

‘I firmly believe that the highest form of leadership is Environmental Leadership.’

Sawsan joined the SGA team in February 2023. Through her personal and professional projects, she has been experimenting and sowing communication and environmental leadership tools around her, convinced that the synergy between humans is at the heart of transition movements.

Sawsan Bellaj