Over the past 10+ years, we have been a trusted partner to organisations on a shared journey of innovation and transformation towards leadership, innovation and sustainability excellence.

Among our clients are leading companies, some of them from the very beginning. They enjoy our customised solutions which are tailored to their needs, keeping things as practical and simple as possible.

Scott Bader

Chemical Industry

SGA Transformation Journey (phase 1), capacity building, visioning and a first masterplan.

About the project

In the highly competitive global chemical industry, disruption and an evolving regulatory environment are generating both challenges and opportunities. Scott Bader, specialising in adhesives, composites and specialty polymers, contracted SGA representing The Natural Step Germany to start a business transformation. Together with the SGA team, Scott Bader first of all redefined its vision, formulated corresponding long-term strategic goals and identified the required strategic initiatives to initiate its transformation journey. Phase 1 included: capacity building, detailed current reality and maturity assessments, visioning and a first masterplan for the transformation journey towards Scott Bader’s very challenging new ambitions.

With the robust foundations you have co-created we have a unique opportunity to transform Scott Bader. We now realise the depth of the work you did in the last several months and the far-reaching implications of what we mean by being a sustainable company.

Dr Jean-Claude Pierre

Scott Bader


  • To define and develop the strategic path to close the gap between current business and the desired sustainable position in 2036.
  • To accelerate Scott Bader’s positive contribution to global sustainability, while at the same time strengthening the global market position.
  • To redesign value chains and related key organisational processes in order to become more efficient.
  • To establish a smart set of methodologies and tools, helping Scott Bader to measure and manage its performance continuously and successfully.
  • To actively involve key stakeholders.

SGA’s responsibilities and results

Together with commited steering and project teams, we went through a comprehensive value-mapping and visioning process, resulting in a vivid description of Scott Bader’s new purposeful vision and seven strategic goals derived from it. We created three waves of transformation initiatives and anchored the first evolution wave in the organisation. We conducted a first-time global pilot, implementing pragmatic performance measurement and management tools. We started a leadership development programme to demonstrate the sustainability business case internally and externally. Scott Bader’s business transformation process is ongoing.


Power Engineering

Leaderhip programme, people development and business process improvement on a global scale.

About the project

As the world’s leading provider of large-bore diesel engines and turbomachinery for marine and stationary applications, MAN Diesel & Turbo stands for technology leadership and sustainable value creation. SGA conducted a global process development and improvement programme, together with a strong people and leadership development component, for the MAN Power Division.


  • To improve internal business processes and leadership quality throughout the organisation.
  • To establish and anchor a shared language and understanding for the core processes of the project development, project acquisition and project execution for turn key solution.
  • To provide the related training measures for key personnel across the global organisation.

SGA’s responsibilities and results

We consolidated and standardised existing process models for project development, acquisition and execution for the global Power Division business. Roles and responsibilities, as well as quality gates and toll gates, were agreed by key stakeholders. Their stringent application was supported by corresponding IT/online tools. We elaborated the required international training programme, both in its content and methodology. Conducting this programme, we significantly supported and accompanied a positive shift in the consciousness and mind-set of each participant.

I have been working with SGA as a professional supplier for process improvement and leadership development services for more than 10 years now. I have never ever encountered or heard such positive feedback from workshop and training participants in my career. The key to success is the combination of in-depth business expertise and outstanding personal leadership skills of the SGA consultants. This combination is an essential basis for credibility, acceptance and exceptional content.

Christian Barnstedt

MAN Diesel & Turbo


Hightech & Engineering

Successful business transformation through global alignment of processes and workflows.

About the project

As a rapidly growing organisation, The Rosen Group needed a purpose-driven strategy to manage growing complexity. We anchored their transformation in the global organisation. For this we developed a methodology to unify operational workflows.


  • To optimise and align the group’s processes in core businesses areas, such as inspection, cleaning, integrity management, R&D solutions, education systems and services.
  • To maintain operational excellence while, at the same time, reducing operating costs in industries such as oil and gas, renewable energies, mining, manufacturing, transportation and telecommunication.

SGA’s responsibilities and results

We standardised the group’s business processes and workflows on a global level, based on a shared vision and strategy. We anchored the concept in the organisation by conducting a series of workshops to integrate and motivate the group’s operational companies. The Rosen Group is now well prepared to grow responsibly, based on its operational excellence.

The need for standardised processes increases proportionally with the size of our company and the complexity of our business. We chose SGA because of their special competence in process design and management, their industry background, and especially their intriguing way of getting even the most different perspectives of individual stakeholders aligned.

Günter Maue

The Rosen Group


Mechanical & Plant Engineering

Global development of a project management organisation and its processes.

About the project

Dürr is one of the world’s leading mechanical and plant engineering groups, and enables highly efficient manufacturing processes. The group’s success is based on four strategic pillars: innovation, globalisation, service and efficiency. SGA supported Dürr in the global development of its project management model, organisation and processes.


  • To introduce and continuously develop agile project management.
  • To guide the establishment of a “Project Management Centre of Excellence” on the corporate level.
  • To design and develop a completely new, holistic training programme for hard and soft skills in project management for the group’s business in the automotive industry and in other market segments, such as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

With SGA’s strong customer-oriented way of working, we always got the support and expertise as, when and to the extent we needed it. SGA convinced us with their focus and steady drive for successful implementation.

Thomas Gstettenbauer

Dürr Group

SGA’s responsibilities and results

We elaborated a corporate process model for Dürr’s project management organisation, serving as a framework for the group’s complex EPC projects. We successfully established the “Project Management Centre of Excellence” as a core touchpoint for methodologies, tools, competence development and continuous improvement initiatives. Over years, we have helped to establish worldwide standards for the group’s smart, networked project management processes.