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About Gabriele

Gabriele is a passionate communication architect who started her professional career in consulting. Parallel to her work for SGA, she is responsible for marketing communications and media relations at The Natural Step Germany and works as a freelance journalist.

Gabriele offers expertise in multi-cultural and multi-channel online and offline communication, speaking and writing English and Spanish fluently, complemented by some Italian and French. Living in Germany and Spain for almost 25 years, Gabriele feels at home in various cultures and topics, such as FMCG (food, non-food), professional services, media, and tourism. She is familiar with the latest insights in innovation management and sustainable development.

During her work prior and parallel to SGA, she has successfully supported innovation and communication projects within consumer goods, professional services and tourism. Gabriele holds an MBA (University of Cologne) and studied psychology up to the intermediate diploma.

I feel honoured to be part of the SGA network. The sustainability challenge we are facing is highly complex, but in our communication we will make the complicated as simple as possible. If we succeed, we can create a movement. Please join us! Gabriele Sorg

Communications & PR