António Vasconcelos

Associate Partner

Contact Data

(+351) 21 386 11 66

About António

Antonio is an Associate Partner at SGA based in Portugal. His work ranges from restructuring to building capacities in innovation management in traditional businesses, from triple-bottom-line sustainability-led strategies to organisational, process and systems alignment. He supports and conducts entire transformation journeys, as well as new business development projects.

Antonio has assisted clients of different sizes, from large corporates to SMEs, and even start-ups, in a broad range of industries, including transport, energy, waste management, FMCG (food), automotive, banking, and professional services.

Recently, Antonio has been paying particular attention to developmental organisations, regenerative business practices, disruptive strategies, future scenarios, systems thinking and high-purpose leadership, aiming at establishing a strong coexistence of ambitious strategic intents and effective implementation.

His educational background is in business administration.