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Thomas is an intuitive and analytical systems thinker specializing in strategic sustainability, business model innovation, multi-stakeholder process facilitation and (inter-)personal leadership development.

Thomas loves to work with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures to help them see things from a different perspective and develop a strong sense of shared purpose and vision, understand their current context and their position in it, spark creative ideas and innovative solutions and strategically transform into a future fit organization.

Through his MSc in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability in Sweden, Thomas has developed a thorough understanding of The Natural Step Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, the science that supports it and how to apply it to drive positive change in organizations and systems. Combining his knowledge of socio-ecological sustainability with a BSc in International Business and Management Studies from The Netherlands he focuses on strategically tackling complex sustainability-related challenges to catalyze lasting impact.

Thomas greatly enjoys to develop and give workshops, trainings and courses. As a process facilitator, Thomas has been trained in a variety of approaches and is an experienced host of the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter.

Prior to joining SGA, Thomas worked on export development projects with SMEs from low-income countries, led the implementation of a certification of sustainability in a mid-size hospitality company and has supported various organizations improve performance through consultancy and participatory process facilitation, in The Netherlands and Brazil.

Complementary to his work with SGA, Thomas is also the creator of the Sustainable Start Canvas Methodology. Based on his MSc thesis research, this tool is developed to help startups and small businesses integrate strategic sustainability in their value propositions, business models and innovation processes.

In his free time Thomas likes to play basketball, write and perform poetry and enjoy the outdoors. He currently lives near Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

In my view, the intrinsic understanding that — “we depend on the whole as the whole depends on us” — makes that we cannot ‘not act’ now. To help humanity collectively grow into a just, fair, resilient and regenerative society within the boundaries of planet Earth: is all our business. To make the economy work for everyone: is all our business. Becoming fit for the future is the business of all businesses.

In SGA I find the like-minded people and partnerships to collectively create great things and the experience, tools, and frameworks to get things done beautifully.

Thomas van der Molen