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Roland has 30+ years of experience in operations, working for various international players of German origin in industries such as Automotive, Infrastructure, and Energy. Building on his degree in electrical engineering from FH Wiesbaden, Roland has been accumulating in-depth knowledge and experience in engineering, quality-, project- and product management, holding various certifications in these fields.

On multiple occasions and assignments, Roland has been proving his ability to lead high-performance teams in a dynamic environment while taking full profit & loss responsibility. His sound business process and IT / ERP competence make Roland a highly respected partner particular in change management projects. He easily takes on the various SGA roles as Trainer, Coach, Consultant or Interim Manager.

Fully embracing our systems thinking and holistic acting, Roland has become an inspiring and driving member of SGA, dedicating his energy and commitment towards organizations and industries becoming fit for the future.

We as leaders have the full responsibility to develop the people in our organizations and enable them to meaningful behavior beyond financial growth and shareholder value. The socio-ecological Sustainability Principles will guide us to future-fitness.

Roland Ehry

Associate Partner